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Michael's Approach

As a professor, seminar leader and coach for over 25 years, Michael has taught, empowered and encountered thousands of people from all over the world. His approach to coaching could be distinguished in three ways:

1. Deep listening.

2. Straight communication.

3. New actions = new results.

Communication is the KEY to being effective as an artist. It could also be said that communication is KEY in being successful with a coach or facilitator for your career. Michael completes part of the vetting process with potential clients by identifying barriers to communication they might have in answering a question like: "what is your definition of success?” He works to empower his clients by always being truthful, coming from integrity and creating structures that work. Michael believes that the key to success is to build a momentum to careers. Consistency to actions. Having a plan and sticking with it. Having a plan is priceless. 


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