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"I have had the pleasure of working with Michael in his role as a teacher and as an artist and have always enjoyed the way he constantly pushes towards the future of what it means to be both an artist and and entrepreneur. With what is best for artists always at the forefront of his thinking, Michael is someone who walks the walk, both creatively and in business..."

Benji Rogers Dot Blockchain co-founder and Pledge Music founder


To be great at Artist Development, you have to be willing to listen and then take action. Technically, managers “advise” artists on their careers. We take the job beyond simply advice. We are partners and collaborators with our artists. In the 21st century, we develop your business and how those businesses are marketed. We protect your rights. We create a future with you and then take steps to fulfill on what you want - that’s what Artist Development is...

Monetization/Catalog Services

We will look at your catalog and start optimizing your presence on YouTube, digital radio and all other streaming media platforms to create reliable income stream from views, plays and playlists. We will also look at how you’re the publishing for your original songs are administered. We work under the hood of your posted material. We will offer solutions on whether getting a publishing administrator would help increase your income and creative footprint. We will also work with any outside teams you have who may be hired to increase your views, likes and subscriptions.


Every great athlete has a coach. They demand the BEST in the performance of their players. We will coach you. We will empower you to look at how you are proceeding and how you doing with achieving your milestones and ultimate goals. To be coached, you MUST be coachable... This means ready to do actions and to take on concepts that you might disagree with or not even understand at the time. Great athletes trust their coaches. Great coaches trust their players. 

Marketing/Social Media

What image do you show the world? How do you do it? Is it what you wear? The look on your face? Is it how you approach your social media? The way you interact with your audience? "Branding" is one of the most overused and misused word in the music industry. The difference is that we KNOW what branding is. Branding is creating an audience experience. By creating your brand, you've now created a important roadmap for all the choices that constitute your marketing, social media and PR.


"Michael shows up 100% and loves what he does. The moment we started working together we knew he was all in and immediately we were like “Game on!”. Michael has taken the band to a whole new level both professionally and creatively. His extensive knowledge in the music industry combined with his tough love as a coach has created a space of honestly, direct communication and intimacy with us bandmates that we never had before. As a result, things are moving FAST. We are making more music than ever and being guided to  take the necessary and critical steps that continue to move us forward..."

"Dirty Mae" [Cassie Fireman, Ben Curtis & Robbie Frost]

"While transitioning from an amateur artist to an established artist, two factors will decide your fate; control & connections.  Usually, you have to give up control of your music in order to gain the connections you need to grow your brand.  Ironically, this can limit your potential & independence in the future.  Enter Michael; Michael has helped me navigate this transition as my artist consultant, giving the advice, perspective and connections I need without requiring me to give up my most important assets; my catalogue and legal independence.  We’ve improved my brand and social media presence, which will help me moving forward to higher tiers of the industry..!"

Casey McQuillen Singer/Songwriter Former "American Idol" contestant 


We have worked in the music business for more than 30 years. We have won Emmy® Awards, created platinum-selling music and had billions of people hear our music. We are experts at music copyrights, music monetization, marketing and we actually know what the word "brand" means... We have been managers, teachers, coaches and consultants. We have worked with the very best in music and the very newest. We only work with a small select group of artists who see the value of learning the fundamentals and building a career organically. 

We are committed that each one of our clients finds their true, authentic voice - both musically and in how they express their narrative out in the world.


Welcome to Artist Expansion.  

“The music business is harder in many ways than ever before and Michael’s work is especially helpful and beneficial to artists struggling to find their way in this rapidly changing landscape..."


Paul Avgerinos Grammy® Winning Artist, Producer and Engineer.

"Michael Whalen knows the new landscape of the music business inside out and has a comprehension of its fast moving changes. He empowers us by showing us how to use the tools that are there to create our own inroads to our success. And how it is a consistent mindset that creates our own momentum..."

Michael Ford Pianist/Composer 


The Basics of Music Monetization

Michael Whalen during his introduction to the "Your Music, Your Music, Your Career" event on January 10th, 2015 at Aaron Davis Hall at The City College of New York. 


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