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Marketing. Content. Coaching. Strategy.

A welcome from head coach Michael Whalen

I have worked in the music business for more than 30 years. I have won Emmy® Awards, created platinum-selling music and had billions of people hear my music. I am an expert at music copyrights, music monetization, and marketing, and I know exactly what the word "brand" means. I have been managers, teachers, coaches, and consultants. I have worked with the very best in music and the very newest. I only work with a small select group of artists who see the value of learning the fundamentals and building a career organically. 

I am committed to each of our clients, helping them find their true, authentic voice - both musically and in how they express their narrative out in the world.

I will manage every particle of your release from mastering to metadata to uploading to pre-save dates

Weekly hour long coaching sessions to review every part of your campaign and to lay out your strategy for the future.


1. Label Services

​2. Coaching

3. Marketing Strategy

4. Art Design and Direction

5. Web Site Construction

6. Video Production

7. A&R and Production Consultation

8. Business and Legal Strategy

I design covers, retail promotions and banners.

I direct, shoot, edit and produce music videos and promos.

I can finish, fix or even (re) produce your music (if you need it) and the project NEEDS it. I have produced 100s of records.

I will plan marketing for your project and will create

the plan for your future.

I will build your website.

As needed, I can give you expert advice on contracts, agreements and long terms business strategy. 

"Michael’s no bullshit approach combined with his deep knowledge, personal experience and passion for helping others is the perfect combination for bringing musicians to new heights of self-awareness, artistry and success..."

Ryan Judd

Award-winning Billboard Charting Guitarist/Composer

AE Michael Borowski Website-1.jpg

“Drawing from his extensive experience and knowledge of the ever changing music business, Michael gives you the tools to shape your own career through customized coaching and “tough love”. This is a second to none program for artists truly serious about advancing their musical career...”


Michael Borowski

Composer, pianist and performer


The New Artist

The story of an artist "newbie".


The Doubting Artist

The story of an artist who evolved from the "old school" to the "new school". 


The Under Achiever

The story of an artist who sees the opportunity of opportunity.


About To Break Through

The artists who are so close to "breaking through" can be the hardest ones to transform.

Therapy Sessions
AE Tom Eaton-1-2.jpg

“Michael’s deep experience in the music biz, his easy laugh, and his true caring nature were always there to guide me in for a safe landing when I was at a loss for answers, and his guidance truly helped me move forward in all my musical pursuits. If you need an experienced guide to help you to the next stage in your career, I can’t recommend Michael highly enough... he’s the real deal.”

Tom Eaton

Grammy® Nominated Artist, Composer, Producer and Engineer


"Michael is a gifted musician and composer as well as a blue-sky thinker. He interweaves creativity, intuition, and a thirst for knowledge with his passion to connect meaningfully to people and to our ever-evolving culture. Spending a few hours with Michael is a special treat. As a teacher, coach, and commentator on changing trends in the music industry, he brings originality of thought and provocative questions into the mix, always striving for transparency and purity of process..."

Ruby Marchand

Chief Industry Officer and former Vice Chair of the Recording Academy/NARAS 

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