Grammy Nominated Recording Artist, Producer and Engineer Tom Eaton

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What is Artist Expansion?
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We have worked in the music business for more than 30 years. We have won Emmy® Awards, created platinum-selling music and had billions of people hear our music. We are experts at music copyrights, music monetization, marketing and we actually know what the word "brand" means... We have been managers, teachers, coaches and consultants. We have worked with the very best in music and the very newest. We only work with a small select group of artists who see the value of learning the fundamentals and building a career organically. 

We are committed that each one of our clients finds their true, authentic voice - both musically and in how they express their narrative out in the world...

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"Michael is a gifted musician and composer as well as a blue-sky thinker. He interweaves creativity, intuition, and a thirst for knowledge with his passion to connect meaningfully to people and to our ever-evolving culture. Spending a few hours with Michael is a special treat. As a teacher, coach, and commentator on changing trends in the music industry, he brings originality of thought and provocative questions into the mix, always striving for transparency and purity of process..."

Ruby Marchand Chief Industry Officer and former Vice Chair of the Recording Academy/NARAS. 


1. Label services/Album release

2. Coaching

3. Marketing strategy

4. Art direction

5. Web site construction

6. Video production

7. A&R and production consultation

8. Business strategy