How it works:

1. We have a free consultation where we listen to what you want to achieve with your music now and into the future.

2. We then send you a detailed proposal on what we will do and what things we
All coaching and content creation is completed in about 90 days. 

3. You evaluate the plan and choose whether or not you want to move forward.

Your plan could include:

Creative and Business Coaching 
Social Media Makeover
Website Makeover/Remodel
Creating Release Plan and Implementation 
Branding Creation and Implementation
Content Review/A & R Review
Creating Content (video, covers, etc.)
Monetization Overview 
Complete Catalog Overview 
Legal Overview

Fee for "just coaching" (12 sessions) $2,500 

Fee for complete "makeover" with original content + coaching: $4,500 - $10,000 

(Based on scope)

All fees PRE-PAID 

No additional costs after we start

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