As the head coach of Artist Expansion, Michael has started and/or facilitated the careers of dozens of artists, composers and performers. 

He has been a record executive, successful recording artist and a professor at three Colleges (NYU, The City College of NY and Berklee). He has worked with and consulted for a number of the biggest companies in the music/technology industries: Google/YouTube, SONY Music, TuneSat, Audiam, Gramophone Media, Razorfish, TouchStorm and many others. He has worked on the NARAS Advisory board, he is a contributor and commentator on media for Fox Business, he has testified to a Congressional subcommittee on the future of copyrights and is well-known as an author and a “thought leader” on digital media and the future of music. 


At the same time, Michael is a two-time Emmy® Award winning composer and music supervisor (with 8 nominations) who has worked in advertising, television, film and video games for over 30+ years. Some of his best-known work: “Veronika Decides to Die” (2014), “What the Bleep Do You Know?”, “As The World Turns”, themes for HBO, CBS News, ABC News’ “Good Morning America”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, dozens of specials for PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, The BBC, NHK and the History Channel and television films for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel. Michael is also an internationally known recording artist with 30 solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. Well-known for his beautiful and thematic music, he performs when time allows. He has also produced and executive produced over 100 recordings for other artists. His work as a executive producer resulted in a Grammy Nomination in 2000. 


“I have watched Michael grow from a composer, to recording artist, to music supervisor, and flourish in every department.  His success is a testament to who he is, and his understanding of every aspect of the music business.  This move is the obvious next order of progression for him…


Frank Di Minno Creative Director Creative Synch Services Advertising 


"I know Michael Whalen as both musician and entrepreneur, a person of integrity and organization dedicated to most effectively navigating the commercial space of music in our time, encouraging a wide range of other artists to take significant steps in the current music landscape toward maximizing monetization, advocacy and empowerment..."

Sean Hickey Senior Vice-President, Sales and Business Development, Naxos of America